21 Sep

Halocraft Halo recreated in Minecraft

first_imgMinecraft is just a giant sandbox waiting for gamers to create some entertainment. So this was eventually going to happen: other games recreated in the Minecraft world.This is Halo as depicted in Minecraft and therefore uses the name Halocraft. It’s PvP gameplay with the map being the Classic multiplayer version of Lockout.According to YouTube poster SidolaTehNerd:We’re currently running this on a simple hMod server, using Kits for ammo and a weapon as you spawn. The server also uses a plugin that allows us to link several teleports to one point which acts like the “Spawn” button and sends you to a randomized spawn-location. Consider us impressed. The breadth of what can be produced in Minecraft keeps on expanding. What other games would you like to see recreated in blocky form?Read more at Reddit, via Destructoidlast_img read more

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