21 Sep

Sprint unveils ME personalized dialing for Android

first_imgFor the most part, our smartphones do a pretty good job of remembering things for us. I can honestly say that I remember far fewer phone numbers today than I did before I started using a smartphone. The same goes for email and physical addresses. I have all of that information stored and backed up so I never need to commit it to memory. The downside to this lack of cerebral storage is that I am usually unable to give someone else a phone number off the cuff, I usually turn to my phone for answers. Sprint has rolled out a feature that will make even this process unnecessary by allowing users to reserve a nickname-style address for their phone number.Instead of a phone number, what if you were able to just say “you can reach me at **Russell”? You could take your name or a recognizable nickname and turn it into a way everyone you know reaches you. This is what Sprint has in mind with their new **ME program.Any Sprint customer can add this service to their account, creating a unique handle that can receive calls and text messages separate of their phone number. **ME even supports two different handles through their app, giving a user the potential to have three different callable and textable numbers on a single phone. The service will add an extra $2.99 to your bill every month, and the app is only available to Android customers for the moment. iOS users have access to some basic features, and Sprint has made it clear that they intend to release an iOS app soon.**ME limits users to a handle between 5 and 9 characters. While this sounds like a terrific idea for early adopters who can snag things like first names or common titles like **BACON or **RAVENSFAN, it seems like this system would fill up quickly with original names. It’s unclear as to whether or not Sprint will ever work with other carriers to spread this service out, or if this will only be useful to Sprint subscribers moving forward.For now, you can check it out at **MEvia TechCrunchlast_img read more

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