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Exhibition of Croatian mountains in the European Parliament

first_imgWith the desire and intention to present the beauties of the Croatian mountains to the European public, it was officially opened on Monday, June 19 at the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels. photo exhibition “Via Dinarica – a path that naturally connects”.The initiator of the presentation of the potential of Croatian mountain tourism and mountaineering in the European Parliament is MP Davor Škrlec in cooperation with the Association Via Dinarica Croatia. It’s Via Dinarica international project connecting mountains and people in the Dinaric Mountains into a single longitudinal hiking trail. The 1362 km long road leads from Slovenia to Albania, visiting the most attractive mountains and peaks of the Dinaric Mountains. On this whole long journey, the mountaineering infrastructure in the Croatian mountains is the best example and example to neighboring countries.The opening was attended by hundreds of people, including many mountaineers, representatives of the Croatian Mountaineering Association and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, representatives of development agencies, directors of national parks and nature parks and representatives of institutions that supported the event – Ministry of Tourism, Croatian National Tourist Board and Croatian Chamber of Commerce. They presented their products domestic family farms – producers of prosciutto, cheese, honey, desserts, medicinal herbs and liqueurs from the Via Dinarica route. It is shown in the exhibition 80 photos, and after Brussels, it is planned to set up an exhibition at various locations in Croatia.”Due to exceptional achievements in the development of active tourism, sustainable development of mountain areas and regional networking of people in the Dinaric Alps, I nominated the Via Dinarica project for this year’s European Citizen Award given by the European Parliament. The goals of the project are sustainable development of mountain tourism, stopping the emigration of mountain areas, promotion and preservation of the natural heritage of the Dinarides and support for people living in mountain areas to continue traditional activities and offer tourists indigenous products. The Dinarides in Croatia touch the Adriatic coast, so the project includes connecting mountain tourism with the offer of the Croatian coast. Via Dinarica’s development activities are not focused on the development of mass tourism, but on connecting existing and new potentials into a functional whole, in accordance with the concept of the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism. Said SkrlecThe beauties of the Croatian mountains and the entire Dinaric Mountains and their tourist and mountaineering potentials were additionally presented on June 20 at conference in the European Parliament Davor Škrlec, Via Dinarica project manager in Croatia Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica project manager in BiH Kenan Muftić, Ministry of Tourism delegate Vesna Rajković, President of the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Nedo Pinezić, Secretary General of the Croatian Mountaineering Association Darko Berljak spoke. Zlatko Marasović, a representative of the Paklenica Public Institution, and Dorijan Klasnić, the head of the HPS Guide Service. ” Via Dinarica contributes to strengthening ties between the peoples living in the Dinaric Alps, especially between Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through partnership in the initiative for the establishment of the Via Dinarica road, a strong European connection between nations has been achieved and there is a constant exchange of experiences in managing the potential of mountain areas and the culture of tolerant coexistence.. ” concluded Skrlec.Krk prosciutto first with EU markTo remind you, Krk prosciutto is the first Croatian product to receive the EU designation of protected geographical origin. It was 14.4. 2015. After two years, members of the EU Parliament and esteemed guests will have the opportunity to taste the first specialty from Croatia, which they marked with this prestigious and binding quality label.”The Via Dinarica project undoubtedly has great potential, and the achieved results indicate that valuable achievements are achieved primarily on the basis of quality and coordinated engagement and regional cooperation. The presentation of Croatian mountains, mountaineering and mountain tourism in the European Parliament, as well as the nomination of the Via Dinarica project for the European Citizen Award, is certainly a valuable contribution to the popularization of mountaineering in Croatia and a sign that the values ​​created by at the highest European level. In the past five years, the entire Via Dinarica route through Croatia has been traced, in the length of 2000 kilometers. The entire trip to Croatia is shown in detail on the web platforms outdooractive.com, and viadinarica.com detailed texts in Croatian, English and German, with a quality map and advanced search capabilities. Via Dinarica is available on the central Croatian tourist portal croatia.hr in 12 languages ​​and in promotional brochures of the Croatian National Tourist Board. In this way, for the first time, our mountains and mountaineering opportunities are systematically presented to the widest world public as part of the overall Croatian tourist offer. The effects of this are visible in the increase in visits to our Dinaric mountains. ” – said Alan Čaplar, president of the Association Via Dinarica Croatia.The two-day event ended with a meeting at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, entitled “Potentials of Via Dinarica”. The aim of this presentation was to connect businessmen, primarily travel agencies from Croatia with agencies from the Benelux countries. At the ceremony, local producers from the Dinaric Alps also presented themselves to the gathered businessmen and journalists, and it was agreed that a study trip would be organized for representatives of Belgian and Dutch tourist agencies and journalists in the Croatian mountains during the autumn.More informationVia Dinarica is a longitudinal hiking trail intended for hikers, cyclists and other excursionists who visit the Dinarides as tourists, but also support service providers in rural and less developed areas. In Croatia, Via Dinarica has a total 57 stages, and includes 6 national parks, 4 nature parks, two strict nature reserves and numerous attractive Croatian landscapes. Respectable tourist magazine “Outdoor” declared Via Dinarica the best new hiking trail in the world, and the trail was also presented at Lonely Planet i National Geographic. According to the selection of National Geographic Travel magazine, Via Dinarica was named one of the 10 best destinations in the world for outdoor activities in 2017. One of the basic goals of Via Dinarica is to promote the local economy and thus bring tourists closer to local food, accommodation, various services and the like. The Via Dinarica project was initiated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and due to the closure of the UNDP office in Croatia, the project activities were continued by the specialized Association Via Dinarica Croatia.last_img read more

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