27 Sep

Younger kids facing exclusion and suspension from school

first_imgStuff co.nz 25 June 2018Family First Comment: Gee. Wonder why? Could it have anything to do with a culture of children’s ‘rights’ while undermining the parental role and authority, and feeding the culture with unrestricted access to excessively violent and pornographic content?If you want to see the evidence of when it really started to get bad, read our report “Defying Human Nature: An Analysis of New Zealand’s 2007 Anti-Smacking Law” (2016)https://www.familyfirst.org.nz/research/smacking-law-2016/There are signs more intermediate and primary schools are being forced to consider excluding and suspending students, amid a reported rise in extreme behaviour among children.The trend has reignited calls for greater support for schools to deal with special needs and mental health issues among pupils, with claims many families are being left to deal with these issues on their own.The body that represents school boards said it had received a “flurry” of queries from boards about suspensions and exclusions for young students.Excluded students are those under 16 who are struck off the school roll.“Normally one would expect this type of behaviour in secondary schools,” President of the NZ School Trustees Association Lorraine Kerr said.“It’s now becoming intermediate schools, and in some extreme cases … it’s presenting itself in primary.”The apparent trend seemed to be a symptom of an increasing number of students arriving at school with significant behavioural needs, including conditions like foetal alcohol syndrome or ‘P babies’, Kerr said.READ MORE: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/104822073/younger-kids-facing-exclusion-and-suspension-from-schoollast_img read more

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