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first_imgRe: “DWP wants new rate hikes” (March 30 Councilman Tony Cardenas said the ratepayers need to know the details. I’m a ratepayer, and the alarming details I know are: The DWP gives $100-plus million to the city General Fund each year, and I don’t get notified what that money is used for. The city also collects a 10 percent utility tax on every DWP/city utility bill, and I don’t get notified what that money is used for. The sewer service charge is going to go up and has gone up a lot more than any water rate increase I’ve ever seen. I say that Water and Power revenue should be for Water and Power use only. I don’t want to see any gray areas. – Dennis T. Miller Tujunga DWP articles In Regards to DWP, past Daily News headlines Include: – Sept. 13, ’05: “Oops! DWP flub leaves 2 million powerless” – Sept. 21, ’05: “Big raises for DWP” – March 20, ’06: “OT flows like water at DWP” – March 30, ’06: “DWP wants new rate hikes” As a proud DWP employee, I am tired of the Daily News constantly bashing us. Why can’t you print some of the wonderful things this utility does within our communities, such as several of the facilities have adopted local schools? And yes, I am on my 15-minute break while I write this. – Cheryl Linn Power North Hills Dodgers uniforms Re: “Dodgers’ fans to sit pretty in new seats” (March 30) Frank McCourt spending $20 million renovating Dodger Stadium is impressive. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t have enough money left for the players’ names on the back of their uniforms. Despite that annoyance, I’ll continue to root for the old home team as I have since 1941 when I lived in the Bronx, a Brooklyn Dodger faithful midst taunting friends, fans of the hated Yankees. – Robert Schick Northridge Another unjust war On Thursday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that Iran can have nuclear power plants but cannot enrich uranium. Nuclear power plants require enrichment of nuclear fuels. Rice is therefore suggesting that Iran accept dependence on foreign nations for their energy programs, but the U.S. has no authority to impose such a restriction. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty only forbids member nations from developing nuclear weapons. The treaty explicitly permits development of nuclear energy and does not restrict enrichment technology. The Bush administration has shown that they cannot be trusted with regard to what they claim to know. If they have any evidence that Iran’s nuclear program is for military purposes, let them prove this. Let’s not get into another unjust war. – David Holland Northridge Policing protest Re: “Biggest protest in city history hits tough immigration bill” (March 26 Not only was this the largest protest in the history of L.A., it was the largest in the nation. There were no serious incidents, no arrests or injuries. Chief Bratton and LAPD officers should be commended for their outstanding efforts in keeping the peace. – Monica Harmon Los Angeles Permanent underclass Re: “Latinos: It’s way overdue” (March 29 I am a legal immigrant from Mexico, yet when it comes to the current issues regarding illegal immigration, I can still remain objective. Apparently that is something Antonio Villaraigosa, thousands of protesters, and now Rodolfo F. Acuna cannot do. If they could, they would admit that amnesty without aggressive border enforcement will only create a permanent underclass in this country. If employers have the option of hiring from an immense pool of labor that is willing to work for even less than the “guest workers,” is there any doubt as to who will end up in their factories and fields? Add one more to the list of those in denial: the unions that grouse about the low wages earned by migrant workers on the one hand and advocate an open-border policy on the other. – Michael Cornejo Sunland Quality-of-life issue Re: “Latinos: It’s way overdue” (March 29 Considering Rodolfo F. Acuna’s ranting and name calling, I don’t expect better logic than what he presented. Ironically, 10 years ago, I hoped we could have an open-border system like the European community. But to have something like the EC, the Mexican and Central American governments would have to be stable and democratic, which I do not see in the near future. What the good professor ignores is that we are having uncontrolled growth that is overwhelming our system. Public facilities have posted numbers of maximum occupancy and occupants above that number are being deemed unsafe. That is what we are dealing with now. In this day and age, no one cares that someone is Latino or Chinese or whatever. We are concerned about quality of life. – Elizabeth Cronin Los Angeles Immigrant cartoon Great Patrick O’Connor cartoon on March 28. It truly conveys reality. If we allow immigrants to take care of our kids, pick the vegetables we eat, do our yards, and let’s not forget, allow them into our house to clean, why can’t we share basic civil rights? I think that Congress is just looking out for their interest. Republicans want our cheap labor and some Democrats take our voters for granted. – Baltazar Martinez Sylmar Mideast cartoon The David Horsey cartoon in your March 27 edition implying that there is essentially no difference between terrorists bent on murdering innocent civilians and Israeli soldiers defending their homeland was shocking. The concept of moral equivalence is the most egregious aspect of contemporary popular culture. Palestinians have allowed themselves to be led by people committed to genocide and have created a culture that lauds genocide. Israelis may be mindful of acts of genocide against Jews in the course of history. However, responding to perilous situations by committing genocide against others is unthinkable to Israelis. There is no equivalent. – Rabbi Louis J. Feldman Van Nuys Will not fly Ed Garfalo asks a good question in his letter of March 29: “What did it prove.” Well, Ed, the hundreds of thousands who marched last weekend proved that while peaceful this time, any effort to deport 12 million undocumented people, breaking up families, will not fly. The thousands of schoolchildren (a majority of whom are legal citizens) who left school to march will never settle for their parents being deported. So the short answer, Ed, is that the government that allowed this situation to develop had better come up with a good solution or, as Ronald Reagan said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” – Philip Wilt Van Nuys Jobs they won’t do President Bush keeps repeating his slogan about “jobs Americans won’t do.” He must be talking about the president and Congress, who refuse to do their jobs of protecting the Constitution, U.S. sovereignty and the rule of law. Maybe we could hire guest workers to replace them. – Charles K. Sergis Calabasas This was a test Re: “What’s missing?” (Your Opinions, March 20 Mark Dam laments that No Child Left Behind only leaves between 30 and 45 minutes each day to cover every subject besides language arts and math, and then asks if he missed anything. Yes, sir, you did. Testing, and more testing, and still more testing … – Ron Mossler Northridge ——— How to write to us We welcome letters on all issues of public concern. 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