20 Sep

Dont Bother Reading Penultimate Doctor Who Crossover Comic

first_imgStay on target The end is nigh in “The Lost Dimension: Special #2,” the penultimate chapter of Titan Comics’ eight-part Doctor Who crossover event.Picking up right where River Song left off—battling for her life against a lost space colony of Silurians—the archaeologist of the impossible saves Willdar from a prehistoric fate.Demanding the mohawked race take her to their leader the Dacha, River and her student-cum-translator are led off in argument … and then I suddenly lose track of the story.The plot pivots faster than a Charleston swivel, leaving me worried my preview PDF is missing a page (or four). One second Willdar is being held at pike point, and the next he’s a sentimental sap flying through space with the very woman who just kidnapped him.Similarly, the short story ends (for now) with such a jolt, I felt my neck almost snap.With a quick catchphrase (“Spoilers…”), the Doctor’s wife is gone and Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, has taken her place.The Doctor’s wife and the Doctor’s daughter return (via Titan Comics)Narrating her own story, Jenny finally reveals the circumstances that led to her triumphant return in “The Lost Dimension: Alpha.” Remember, she came swooping in for a last-minute like-father-like-daughter rescue?From her home on Messaline to “the middle of nowhere,” the blonde bombshell combats boredom by rewiring her ship’s shields to make an Einstein-Rosen bridge generator.“I’m young and I’m bored and I died once this week already,” Jenny recounts. “Plus, I’ve got brains pouring out of my ears, and an immeasurable amount of modesty.”So why not build a wormhole engine instead?During a six-month stint on Kulontor, she designs a suit: a red-and-yellow, vacuum-ready, Iron Man-esque suit that certainly beats combat pants, an oil-smeared T-shirt, and ratty sneakers.On its maiden voyage, Jenny and the suit visit Terebek, where she steals a ship—a time ship that has time-crashed—and goes on her merry way to save dear old dad.Written by Emma Beeby, “The Lost Dimension: Part Seven” features art by Ivan Rodriguez (“River Song”) and Carlos Reno, Elton Thomasi, Rafael Dantas, and Adriano Vicente (“Jenny”).On sale now for $3.99, the twofer features a bonus teaser of grand finale “Omega,” in which Alice mourns the Eleventh Doctor in the only way she knows how: steal a TARDIS and find him.(But if you skip this story, I honestly don’t think you’ll be missing much.) HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster last_img read more

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