27 Jul

An EKG in every home

first_imgYou could either look up WebMD to see what’s wrong with you (it’s invariably always wrong), or you could trust a doctor to diagnose you. But what if you could have an unbiased expert give you your diagnostics? Wouldn’t that be amazing?The Kardia is a tiny ECG (or EKG) reader that works in conjunction with your iPhone to give you heart-rate readings. Simple in its design, with just two textured sensor-pads for your fingers, the device takes readings and its partner-app guides you through the process, showing you your current heart rate. Place your fingers on the sensors & in just 30 seconds, you have a medical grade EKG reading, to be monitored for irregularities, or shared with your doctor.Just like the thermometer became a household medical product, followed by the blood-sugar meter, the Kardia aims at becoming the next household medical device that helps people monitor their heart status and keep a check on their condition. After all, heart-diseases are the number 1 cause of deaths in the world, aren’t they? Maybe the Kardia could actually go on to save billions of lives.Designer: AliveCorBUY NOWBUY NOWSharePinShareFlipSharePocket13.8K Shareslast_img read more

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