20 Dec

Security Forces Conduct Offensive; Neutralize Taliban IED Facilities

first_imgBy Dialogo November 19, 2010 I really liked the articles about the IEDs. I understand how critical the artifacts problem is in Afghanistan, because I have a good friend from my Control Risk days who is working there. I fear that, sooner than we think, we might find one of those on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. After all, criminals could see how society reacted to the terrorist acts and can use even more sophisticated techniques. Since December, criminals have already “left behind” explosives in places with a lot of traffic just to send authorities a message. I fear the day they might actually detonate them. Afghan and coalition forces destroyed multiple Taliban improvised explosive device facilities in the Khash Rod district, Nimroz province. The security forces cleared personnel from the area before calling in an air strike to destroy the isolated compounds to ensure the facilities would not be re-utilized to store or produce IEDs. The joint security teams discovered the facilities during a series of operations lasting from the early hours of yesterday morning through this morning. “The offensive operation was conducted to flush out enemy fighters and deny them sanctuary,” according to U.S. Army Col. Rafael Torres, ISAF Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center director. “The insurgents have historically gone underground during the winter months while relying on foreign fighters to continue the fight. We’re not about to allow them that luxury.” The compounds, which included nine separate structures, were being used as active IED facilities where Taliban members stored IED-making materials and trained local and foreign-fighter recruits on emplacing IEDs. The security force discovered two dozen bags of ammonium nitrate, multiple large IEDs, homemade explosives, recoilless rifle rounds and opium during the operation. The security forces also targeted two known Taliban leaders during the offensive active in the IED facilitation network in the area. The joint security teams searched more than 70 buildings as they conducted the operation throughout the day. Afghan forces used a loudspeaker to call all occupants to exit the buildings peacefully before searching the compounds. The joint teams peacefully detained numerous suspects based on initial questioning at the scene. “This operation was successful on several levels,” Torres said. “Not only did we interrupt further IED training in this area without any casualties, but we destroyed an array of IED-making materials as well. This time of year is a holy period for the Afghan citizens; anything we can do to further their safety during the Eid holiday is a win.” No women or children were injured or detained during this series of operations. The security members did not fire their weapons, nor was anyone injured during the extensive operations.last_img

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