19 Oct

Jakarta Police rule death of Metro TV editor as suicide

first_imgTopics : The police said the man had visited a specialist at a hospital in Central Jakarta several days prior to his death about a medical condition that could have been a trigger for depression.The man, 26, was found dead on the roadside of the Pesanggrahan Jakarta outer ring toll road by three local children who were flying kites at around 11:45 a.m. on July 11. Police then opened an investigation and questioned 34 witnesses.Tubagus said further examination of the evidence at the crime scene suggested the case was a suicide, including a neatly parked motorcycle that showed no sign of damage and still had the key in the ignition, a knife and a bloodstain and a strand of hair and that matched the man’s DNA. No evidence that could link another individual to the case was found on his body or at the scene, he said.Investigators also found the victim’s DNA on both the handle and the tip of the knife.Witnesses, including local patrol officers, also said there had been no indication of a commotion during that period of time.During the autopsy, four stab wounds were found on the man’s chest and one on his neck. Jakarta Police forensic expert Arif Wahyono said no other wounds or signs of violence were found on the body. He explained that the shallow stabs wounds found on the body were most likely trial wounds commonly found in cases of suicide.The wound on his neck is believed to be the cause of his death. The forensic investigation also found that man had consumed amphetamines, Arif said.Police suspect that the consumption of drugs had triggered him to dare to take his own life.The victim’s father said the family refused to believe he had committed suicide. He said his son had shown no signs of sadness or depression prior to his death.”As his parent, I’m honestly disappointed in the [investigation] result, because there’s no way my son committed suicide,” he told Metro TV in a televised interview on Saturday.If you are having suicidal thoughts, please talk to someone. You can start here if you need information related to mental illness: https://www.intothelightid.org/tentang-bunuh-diri/layanan-konseling-psikolog-psikiater/center_img The Jakarta Police have ruled that the cause of a recent death of a video editor for private TV station Metro TV was suicide triggered by depression as no evidence has been found to suggest involvement of other parties.Jakarta Police’s general crimes director Sr. Comr. Tubagus Ade Hidayat said the evidence found at the scene and through the forensic investigation did not suggest that other parties were present at the time of the man’s death, which is believed to have occurred between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m on July 8.“From the crime scene investigation and experts’ assessment as well as supporting evidence, investigators strongly suspect that he committed suicide,” he said during a televised press conference at the Jakarta Police headquarters on Saturday.last_img

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