27 Sep

Human Rights – but only if they’re politically correct

first_imgThe Human Rights Commission is beside itself because we have sent the Gender report to all schools.This is a report that contains international research and statements made by leading doctors and psychiatrists in this field.It warns of the harm of the ‘Gender Agenda’ and helps schools negotiate this difficult issue by calling for empathy towards children and families affected – but also calling for science and research to guide the debate.But all the HRC can do is call us names. No wonder most NZ’ers treat them with contempt. Perhaps they should reflect on the harm they are causing!Here’s some of the expert commentary in the report, which the Human Rights Commission is labelling ‘homophobic’ ‘transphobic’ and harmful:CANADIAN KENNETH ZUCKER, one of the leading researchers and clinicians in the world on this topic and the chair of the group that determined how this issue would be handled in the DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders“On the surface, the approach comes across as very humanistic, liberal, accepting, tolerant of diversity.” “I don’t think the goal of therapy is to make a child feel bad about who they are. It’s helping kids understand themselves better and what might be causing them to develop what I call a “fantasy solution,” that being the other sex will make them happy.”· DR. RICHARD GREEN, one of the oldest researchers in this field and an active and strongly outspoken advocate in LGBT advocacy within the professional associations, expressing similar concerns:“Are you helping or hurting a kid by allowing them to live as the other gender? That’s a study that hasn’t found its investigator yet.”· Investigation was conducted in the mid- to late-seventies by JON MEYER, THEN DIRECTOR OF JOHNS HOPKINS’ SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR UNIT. The New York Times explains in their report on this study that there were, “no differences in long-term adjustment between transsexuals who go under the scalpel and those who do not.”· PAUL R. MCHUGH, the long celebrated and retired psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital,“Gender dysphoria is not a problem of the body but the mind… Cutting at the body does not do a great deal to heal the mind“We psychiatrists would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia.”· GEORGINA BEYER explains, “I don’t think a seven- year-old has enough life experience to understand precisely what they’re doing. I think it’s better a person gets to puberty and through puberty…” before such drastic and consequential efforts are taken.No clinician recommends medical treatment (hormonal / surgical)…for prepubertal children.· RITCH SAVIN-WILLIAMS, a noted advocate for LGBT youth health and well-being and an expert in this field of suicidal ideation. He explained,“First off, scientifically it’s not true. …[F]rom a scientific perspective, there is certainly no gay suicide epidemic.”· A report of the U.S. Surgeon General and the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention“[I]t is not known whether LGBT people die by suicide at higher rates than comparable heterosexual people.”OUR RESPONSE Designed by Family Firstlast_img

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