24 Sep

Indy Colts Head Coach

first_imgIt was not the usual path taken by the Colts in obtaining their new head football coach.  According to the Indy Star, they were sure they had the right choice when Josh McDaniels of the New England Patriots took the head job.  Unfortunately, less than 24-hours later he announced he was staying with New England.  This might have been the right choice for McDaniels at this time, but he certainly did not set a good precedent for the next time he wants a head job.The Colts then turned to Philadelphia’s offensive coordinator, Frank Reich.  Reich was not actively pursuing a head job, but he certainly was interested if one came along.  The Colts are hoping that the laid-back Reich might be the key to getting Andrew Luck back on the job.  Luck, of course, is still rehabbing his shoulder at this writing.It seems that this is just another example of the “Good Old Boys Club” in pro sports.  Team owners are very reluctant to look very deep into the pool of coaches.  An example would be the Cincinnati Bengals who stayed with Marvin Lewis instead of making a change.  For Colt fans, I hope Reich is the right choice!last_img

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