18 Jan

Liberian Music Awards: And The Nominees Are…!

first_imgSong of the YearJODI “NUMBER 1″XPOLAY FT LIBERIAN ARTIST “POT BOILING REMIX”DAVID MELL “COOL YOUR TEMPER”QUUEN V “JUE YOU BAD”LIL BISHOP FT JB, SCIENTICFIC, SUNDAYGAR DEARBOY “HUMAN BEING REMIX”BENNY V “CALL THE POLICE”SHAWDOW “TRICKAY PAPAYE”BERNICE BLACKIE ” UH NAH DO IT AGAIN”EBEN FT GREG AND NARRATOR”AZONTO & WINE MASTER” GBEMA ARTIST OF THE YEARSUNDAYGAR DEARBOYKZEEKING FACEFRIDAY THE CELLPHONEMANKARNYEA MANMILK MANFORTUNE JRCRAFTY K VIDEO OF THE YEAR- USARICH GOONE THE BOSS – “STAY GRINDING”JOE B – “SPEND MY LAST DIME”G RIZE – “EVER HAD DREAM”MUNNAH – “WEST AFRICA”MUNAH- “CELEBRATION”SAGA AP – “KOLOQUUA COUPLE LIBERIAN MUSIC”2C- “INTERNATIONAL GIRL”JODI – “NUMBER 1″DOUK DE LIBBENJI CAVILI FT BABY EYESTYLES CREW – “SHINE SHINE BABY” Artist of the YearJODIKANVEE ADAMSSCIENTIFICFATU GAYFLORBERNICE BLACKIESAGA APSUNDAYGARDAVID MELLTAKUN JTRU STORY FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEARMUNNAHMUSULYN ‘SWEETZ’ MYERSBUTTERFLYM’PRESS 1LOVESNOTIKANVEE GAINES ADAMSQUEEN VLOVE WEAHALICEA JONES AFRO POP ARTIST OF THE YEARPITTY D BESTBENJI CAVALISAGA APE BENROYAL BUSTA PAIND12BENNY VJODIKING FACEG RIZES MANJOE B LIBERIAN ARTIST IN THE USAJODIBENJI CAVILLIG RIZETRU STORYBLACQ CHILDMUNNAHJOE BRICH GOONEKNERO2CSAGA APYUNG MUSEGLOURIOUS LAMPS REGGAE/DANCEHALL ARTISTM’PRESS1LOVEJAH ROKA.B. SWARAYSANTOSJ. YOUNKONDENASSEMAN HIPCO ARTIST OF YEARLUCKAY BUCKAYTAKUN JSOUL FRESHDYDDY COOLYOUNG HOVERBUTTERFLYXPOLAYRAW PEKINSCHOOL BOY WIZZYCHILLER COOLANAE DJ OF THE YEARDJ NO (UK)DJ BLACKEST 305DJ SKY (NORWAY)DJ REUD (UK)DJ WALLACE (USA)DJ CHICAGO (LIBERIA)DJ CHIRPS (USA) PRODUCER OF THE YEARRAWLOLIL VANJUST PRINCEJD WALKERBEAT MASTERINFECTIOUS MICHAELBENNIE OXSAMUEL MORGAN (SHADOW) COLLABORATION IF THE YEARTAN TAN FT DEN G – “ELEH ELEH”BENJI CAVILLI FT BABY EYEXPOLAY – POT BOILING REMIXQUEEN V FT. TAN TAN & DEN G “JUE YOU BAD”NATE K FT JODI ” SENIOR PLAYER”RAWPEKIN FT FEJ – “TROUBLEMAKER”YOUNG HOVER FT POCHANO, PICADOR, JD DONZO AND LUCKAY BUCKAY – “DEY SAY DEY SAY”LIL BESHOP – “HUMAN BEING” REMIXMR. SMITH – “WHATS UP” FT. MARVELOUS MC, JD DONZO, TANT TAN, DJ CHIACAGO, TAKUN J, NASEEMAN, NOY Z, DAVID MELLDAVID MELL – “COOL YAH TEMPER” FT. CHILLER COOLNANEE AND SHADOW The most anticipated and well deserved Liberian Music Awards ceremony is about to go live this Saturday, June 14, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. In hopes of recognizing artists, musicians, DJs, producers, actors, actresses and those who have poured heart and soul into entertaining Liberians and international audiences; this will be a great turning point for Liberia’s entertainment history.Worldwide Liberian performers have been called upon to register themselves as artists, which will enable them to show what has been reaped in the development of entertainment and showbiz.Hoping to connect Liberian music with other genres of music such as Hip-Hop, pop- electro and so on, Kaifa KY Yamah’s dream as one of Liberia’s media moguls is to stabilize and globalize our Liberian music, he stated on his website.Among the nominees who have been selected by thorough evaluation of their work since Dec 2012 are several Liberian based artists including Shadow, D12, Killa Lu, Tan Tan, David Mel, Scientific, Pitty D’Best, Benny V and JD Donzo. All of od those named are also scheduled to perform live during the Awards ceremony.“I’m going to perform during the awards, when I get there I will know how many songs I will be performing. I have a couple of new songs that I want to perform. I’ll be there until August 1st 2014 which is my deadline to be back. “Stated Donzo who has plans to connect with business opportunities while away.Pitty D’Best and Benny V had a wonderful and exciting joint farewell party before their departure for the United States.“LMA foundation booked me for two weeks, and I’ll be performing live. I promise you it’s going to be crazy, I’m going to perform and make the crowd go wild. I’ll be performing in 10 states afterwards, including New York, Minnesota, Philly, South Dakota, Maryland, DC, and a couple of others that I can’t remember. This is my first time ever traveling, I feel great and special. And I also wish LIB LIFE blessings for interviewing me.” Pitty stated.Benny V, a star that has come up extremely in his career and a passion for music that can be heard in his tracks, says that he’s very much prepared to take another big step in his career.“All my networks are set, so you can download my music and check out my stuff while I’m out there. I have a lot of energy tracks; I’m strictly Afro and will be performing “Call The Police”, “Activities”, and “Fatmata”. Beside the 10 state tours, we have Canada to set up, the UK which is pending (London) and Australia, which is also pending. Show biz is the LMA; other promoters in Canada are making preparations to engage us to have us in their own area because of it. When you’re hot they will start calling you.”Meanwhile, there are a lot of artists also being nominated who have reached out on facebook and other social websites to show their support to their fellow stars that are fortunate to make it to the awards.“I wish my homies Benny V and Pitty D’Best a safe trip mehn, sorry guys I should have been on board with ya’ll but due to my 21 cities tour here in China along with Zheng starting June 20th, I can’t mehn. Wish u guys all of the very Best.. Go kill it and show them how we do. Liberia international all day every day,” stated John Bricks.Marvelous C, who has also been nominated positively looks at the whole award ceremony as a true blessing.“I was nominated because my music goes with traditional music mixed with hip hop beats. I feel great about it, and I feel the industry is going from one stage to another. By being able to recognize my effort and contribution in the industry makes me want to work more, if I work more I’ll get to a bigger stage. I hope people voted for me, if I don’t win, whoever wins deserves it and they should keep it up.” He added. MALE ARTIST OF THE YEARPITY D BESTDSP2SWITTJON BRICKSTAN TANJODIYOKEE BLEEKDAVID MELLTAKUN JSUNDAYGAR DEARBOYMR. SMITHRAWPEKIN Liberian Music Awards Full List of Nominees R&B ARTIST OF THE YEARDAVID MELLJAWAYPICADORBRYAN DOEPETER COLEMUNNAHEFINXACESWEETZNATE KPERFECT STRANGERcenter_img GROUP OF THE YEARGLOURIOUS LAMPSBIGSOUL FRESHCO STARM.O.R.ITS ALL GOOD (IAG)PARTY BOYSSTYLES CREW GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEARGLORIOUS LAMPSI VAN PWILTA HARRISBERNICE BLACKIEOLIVIA SEWARDTONIA MAKOR PETERSABRAHAM GIBSONEVEINETTE KAMARAALICEA JONESKANVEE GAINES ADAMS VIDEO OF THE YEAR JOE B “SPEND MY LAST DIME”MUNNAH “CELEBRATION”JODI “NUMBER1″2C “INTERNATIONAL GIRL”M’PRESS 1LOVE FT KILLA LU “ONE MORE TIME”EBEN FT GREG & NARRATOR “AZONTO & WINE”POCHANAO – “PRODCUT OF FAILED STATE”TAKUN J – “SONG FOR HAWA”DSP – “PROMISE”SHAWDOW “TRICKEY PAPYE”BERNICE BLACKE – “U NA DO WEY” AFRO DANCE SONG OF THE YEARALFANI DOUKI – “SHEIKI SHOKOO ACT 1″G RIZE – “FOREVER LUV”STYLES CREW – “SHINE SHINE BABY”EBEN – “AZONTO AND WINE MASTER”ROYAL BUSTA PAIN – “DESPERATE CHICKS”SAGA AP HIP HOP ARTIST OF THE YEARSCIENTIFIC2C2ND KINNGLYRICAL WATSONYUNG MUSECO.ZBABY EYEPOCHANOTAN TANKNERO TRADITIONAL ARTIST OF THE YEARNIMBA BURRJUNIOR FREEMAN AND AFRICAN SOLIDERTOKAY TOMAHETTA SMITHMARIE NYENABMR. HENRIES IVFATU GAYFLORWINSTON P KARRG MANMARVELOUS MC VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEARPRINCE JOECHRIS MASSAQUOI JR (CHRISSIEBOY)DAHAI GBAAFAYA BONAHGEE-BEEPOCHANO VIDEO OF THE YEAR AFRICADSP FT SHE-RAP – “PROMISE”SHADOW – “TRICKY PAPAYE”QUEEN V – “JUE PA YOU BAD”YOKEE BLEEK – “MY BOO”XPOLAY FT LIBERIAN STARS – “POT BOILING”BERNCIE BLACKIE – “HIGHER”DSP – “MONROVIA STYLE”TAKUN J – “SONG FOR HAWA”POCHANO – “PRODUCT OF FAILED STATE”M’PRESS 1LOVE FT KULLA LU – “ONE MORE TIME”TAN TAN FT DEN G – “ELEH ELEH”BERNCIE BLACKIE FT PRINCE – ” U NA DU WEY” LIBERIAN ARTIST IN EURPOE/UKJ CHRISYOUNG RAP FURDAHAIEBENALICEA JONESLYRICAL WATSON NEW ARTIST OF THE YEARSHADOWQUINCY BILL PHILSAMMIE LOVEKARNYEA MANDEN GM’PRESS 1LOVESWEETZPERFECT STRANGERDSPSCHOOL BOY WIZZY LIBERIAN ARTIST IN AFRICASCIENTIFICSUNDAYGAR DEARBOYDAVID MELLTAKUN JBERNICE BLACKIEBRIGHT MANPOCHANOKANVEE ADAMSQUEEN V GOSPEL VIDEO OF THE YEARBERNICE BLACKIE – “U NA DO WEY”BOB Q – “IT’S YOU LORD”TONIA – “POUR ON ME”BOB Q – “NEVER FORGET JESUS”IVAN P – “LORD GOD ALMIGHTY” HIPCO RAPPER OF THE YEARCOLORFUL WILNOY ZJON BRICKSQUEEN VJ.D. DONZOKILLER LUMR. SMITHLIL BISHOPTRU STORY VIDEO OF THE YEAR- UKDAHAI FT BRAYEND -ESA CHICAEBEN FT GREG & NARRATORDAHAI FT PRINCESSE JOSS KALIMFT PAPA WEMBA ” STRANGER”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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