18 Dec

Fist Handle design Metal teeth Afro Hair Comb : A kitchen tool, not a hair one

first_img Sorry i made a mistake in the last review. It was excellent and on time. That was meant for a different seller x. I couldn’t buy one in the high street as good as this one, they were plastic and the teeth were to thick. This one is just perfect for me i would recoded it highly to anyone. Great comb for medium sized afro. Great comb for medium sized afro. However i just wish the picks where a little longer becaaue when u pick ur hair it doesnt reach the midle of your head. I use this item to cut onions, cucumbers etc. I wanted this for holding onions and such like to cut them and it works great. It doesn’t look like this picture and i don’t have long hair. But it is absolutely perfect for holding onions and other stuff while i slice them, which was the reason i bought it. Another use for this comb which is very useful. I have actually bought these for holding food such as onions in place while cutting them. Perfect size, lovely finish, combs well and doesn’t cut hair like other combs, very pleased with my purchase, will buy some more for spares. Ive had this for over 6 months now. Still my favorite afro comb. Great even with thick/ rough hair. I’ve got really tough hair and one of the teeth fell out at some point. A kitchen tool, not a hair one. Used for holding fruit or veg still for easy slicing, a great addition to kitchen tools. Well made but minor cosmetic difference to picture. Feels sturdy and arrived quickly. Functions 100%only gripe is that it doesn’t look like the picture. It’s one of those copycat versions that has the circle cross window bit in the handle. Arrived on time and does what is suggests on the blurb.I utilized it for a distinct objective as a kitchen utensil to aid slice veggies, but it seems like a strong comb.It does not look particularly the identical but nevertheless very good. Solution is nice but it is marginally even larger than described with a like cross in the center just before the handle part with the fist. I would advocate the seller to update the picture of the product.My son has long gone by way of a number of plastic afro combs around the years. Teeth are strong, very good grip handle. Although i think would be even better if the space between the comb was larger for. Although i think would be even better if the space between the comb was larger for children with thicker hair because with this one you have to nib at those thick air at the back of the head until it loosen up enough to comb properly. That been said this comb is a must if your child`s got afro hair. My brother loved his afro comb, he still uses it like mad. There isn’t any bad things to say about this afro comb as its really good. I bought this for my husband. It’s good quality and he go everywhere with it. Bought this comb for my daughter 4a hair. It isn’t the best at detangling her thick hair, as the teeth a too close together. It is well made and of good quality, which is amazing for the price. It does not look exactly the same but still goodbut it looks like a sturdyAlthough i think would be even better if the space between the comb was larger for Perfect Afro comb!Strong and ResilientBest Afro Comb YetFist Handle design Metal teeth Afro Hair Comb. Strong and resilient.last_img

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