12 Oct

Morocco Five People Arrested for Prostitution During Ramadan

Rabat- Five young Moroccans, three men and two women, were arrested in a brothel during the day yesterday.According to the Moroccan daily news outlet, Assabah, the five defendants, including a drug dealer and a pregnant woman “out of wedlock”, were arrested after a police raid on a suspected house in the Najma neighborhood in Benslimane.The first investigation reveals that one of the defendants is a 23-year old drug dealer who rents the house as a hub for illegal activities including prostitution and drug trafficking. Among items found in the suspects’ house during the police raid were thirty pieces of cannabis, five mobile phones, condoms and a hookah.The defendants are set to appear before a public prosecutor today at the court of first instance in Benslimane, about 60 kilometers from Rabat.The three men are reported to have originated from Benslimane while the two women had come to the brothel from Casablanca. The suspects are reported to have been hosting sex parties and drug deals, having been under police surveillance during this month of Ramadan, a month particularly characterized by piety and devotion to God.Edited by Marwa Al Omami© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed

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