7 Oct

Proper fire safety

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For the second time in 2 days, careless smoking is to blame for an apartment fire in Hamilton’s east end.Both fires could have easily been avoided had proper fire safety rules been followed.Careless smoking is to blame for the fire at 221 Melvin Avenue early, Friday morning.A couch caught fire on the 6th floor. When the woman tried to move it outside onto the balcony it got stuck in the door and she got stuck outside.Officials say don’t ever try and move something that’s on fire.The woman was released from hospital Friday, afternoon and is expected to be ok.On Thursday, a man in his 60’s died in an apartment fire on King Street East.The cause of that fire was a combination of a lit cigarette and oxygen unit.The fire department demonstrated how quickly fire can spread when a home oxygen units tube is lit on fire.In just 4 minutes the chair was engulfed and the fire keeps spreading.The main message is don’t smoke inside but if you do fire officials say make sure you aren’t drowsy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Even when smoking outside, people need to be cautious.A family of 8 is homeless after an early morning fire ripped through their Fort Erie home on Thursday. The parents quick reaction helped get everyone out safely.It took over 40 firefighters to put out that blaze.Under the Ontario Fire Code a smoke alarm needs to be placed on every floor of the house and that includes the basement.A carbon monoxide alarm needs to be placed outside of any sleeping area.So this weekend when you are turning the clocks forward just make sure to check the batteries and make sure they are in working order.

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