7 Oct

Tews and Websters Falls problems

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Residents who live nearby Webster’s and Tews Falls are saying enough is enough.Visitation to the area in the last few years has ballooned causing all kinds of problems for the people who live there, so much so that nearly 330 people have signed a petition calling for change.Traffic is the number one problem associated with the falls and it’s the worst on Short Road in Greensville.One neighbour says the situation is so intolerable that she put her house up for sale.The Hamilton Conservation Authority had turned the grass at the park at Webster’s Falls into a parking lot which residents say made the overcrowding situation get worse.In 2012, the Hamilton Conservation Authority estimated about 80,000 people visited the area. Last year, they say that number grew significantly to about 140,000 visitors.At Thursday night’s meeting the Conservation Authority announced that they would no longer be letting people park on the grass which residents say is a step in the right direction but won’t fix the problem.Both the locals and the Conservation Authority agree that taking away that parking option leaves a new problem.The Conservation Authority is looking for a new place for parking and has plans to operate a shuttle system.But, parking isn’t the only problem, trespassing and littering are other concerns, although the officials say they have the garbage under control.The environment is another big concern.The Conservation Authority is trying to draw people away from the falls and bring them to other recreational areas like Christie Lake.

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