7 Oct

Hamilton Centre Riding

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NDP leader Andrea Horwath was in Hamilton ahead of Sunday night’s debate to cast her vote in the Hamilton Centre riding. Horwath has been a favorite in the area for years but Liberal candidate Deirdre Pike says she’s also been a voice in the community for a long time.Horwath made it clear, she is not taking any of her supporters at home for granted.It is clear Horwath is gaining popularity across the province, but for the people in the area, what stands out is her Hamilton roots. She has been representing Hamilton Centre at Queens Park since 2007.She is very friendly amongst her community.Meanwhile, Liberal candidate Deirdre Pike has been focused on reaching out to as many people in the riding as she can.Pike has been an activist in the community for years, supporting poverty as well as the LGBTQ community.Pike accuses Horwath of being silent on certain issues in the area.“…when you represent Hamilton Centre, poverty and homelessness are issues that must be addressed. And I have been that voice for a long time” Pike says.Dionne Duncan, PC Candidate cancelled her interview, with a message from her campaign manager saying “we have not been given the approval to make a statement of any kind in print or on air.”Deirdre Pike says the real battle is between her and Horwath.Some lawns in the area show both NDP and Liberal signs. According to some of those homeowners, households are divided between the two parties.

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