19 Sep

Vancouver City Council discusses annexation RV parking code

first_imgLarry Dorr, who lives in unincorporated Clark County and is bracing for likely annexation by the city of Vancouver, had a straightforward question for city councilors on Monday night: What’s in it for us?Dorr pointed out that the city’s police force is understaffed and said his recycling services would be cut once the annexation took place. On top of likely longer emergency response times and possibly fewer services, he’s expecting his annual cost for taxes and utilities to increase.“My question is, what do we get for this?” Dorr asked.On Monday night, counselors moved forward with the controversial move to annex the area known as Van Mall North with its approximate 4,600 residents. During the same meeting, councilors also considered updating their code and standards around the number of domestic animals people can own and discussed the future of RV parking and trailers in driveways.The council only briefly touched on each topic, but will hold a public hearing on all three on April 17.• Annexation:The city is in the midst of annexing approximately 2 square miles, or 1,270 acres, into the city’s limits.The move to annex the area known as Van Mall North includes Green Meadows, an unincorporated Clark County area where some residents aren’t pleased about the prospect of being part of the city.Many members of the Green Meadows community mobilized when they first heard about the possible annexation.Some voiced concern the 18-hole, 6,400-yard golf course they live around would be developed into condominiums, which would hurt the property value of their homes. The golf course is zoned for development but there are no current plans.last_img

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