19 Sep

Vancouver artist ties together dogs books in whimsical ways

first_imgVancouver is both a literary hotbed and a doggy delight.Artist and illustrator Sue Clancy, who moved here in 2011 and still feels like she’s learning this town, said a couple observations keep sticking with her: people bent over novels at bus stops and coffee shops, and people bent over their beloved pooches, offering that same kind of care and devotion.Somehow those disparate details merged in the artist’s mind, as you can see in the charming exhibit “Dear Readers,” which is up on the walls of the Burnt Bridge Cellars wine tasting room in downtown Vancouver through the end of this month. “Dear Readers” brings books and dogs together in funny, whimsical ways.That’s exactly what Clancy said she’s after: smiles. If you grab a glass of wine, wander the exhibit and enjoy some chuckles, she said, she’s done her job.Generating smiles may seem like an easy goal for an artist, but it’s a hard-won mission for Clancy. When she was 5 years old and growing up in Oklahoma, she said, she was pushed down a flight of concrete stairs. That severely and permanently damaged her hearing, Clancy said.“I landed on my head. That managed to do it,” she said.Why did such a thing happen? “Things are hazy. I don’t remember. I just remember, not long after that I was living with my grandmother,” she said.last_img

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