1 Sep

Microsoft lists the reasons you need Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One

first_imgCome launch day of the Xbox One and PS4, both Sony and Microsoft would love you to sign up for a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription. And in the case of Xbox Live, Microsoft has now confirmed that spending $60 a year is pretty much mandatory if you want to do anything other than play single-player games.The official Xbox website has been updated to include a breakdown of how to get the most from the Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold. Xbox 360 owners are already used to some of the restrictions in place that require a Gold subscription to unlock. They include access to multiplayer gaming, allowing you to stream premium 3rd-party content, the ability to use Internet Explorer on your TV, and gaining access to exclusive deals and special offers.For Xbox One, the list of features hidden behind the Live Gold subscription expands by five to include:The NFL on XboxOneGuideGame DVRSkypeSmartMatchI think the most surprising service on that list to require Gold is Skype–a service Microsoft should really be pushing as hard as it can and one that can generate revenue itself. OneGuide, Game DVR, and SmartMatch are likely to be the key draws alongside multiplayer to entice Xbox One owners to sign up, though.OneGuide is the TV overlay feature, allowing you to bring up information such as trending programming while you watch TV as well as customizing your viewing experience. SmartMatch goes hand-in-hand with multiplayer and is meant to take the pain out of matching/pairing players for online play. And then we have Game DVR, which is the Xbox One’s ability to record and share your best gaming moments with others.One of the growing complaints about Xbox Live in general on the Xbox 360 is the amount of advertising Microsoft injected into the experience. That is probably going to continue, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony do the same in a bid to generate more cash from its online service.My main gripe with paying for Live Gold or PlayStation Plus for the new consoles is the fact they aren’t free for the first year, or at least offered at a discount price. I am paying a minimum of $399 or $499 for the console hardware and they want another $50-$60 to unlock a relatively long list of additional features, some of which are integral to the game playing experience. Microsoft is offering a free copy of Killer Instinct if you pre-order Live Gold, but I’d much rather see a more permanent discount if you sign up for a year from a brand new console.last_img

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