29 Aug

Pale Moon 280 Major Update released

first_imgPale Moon 28.0 Major Update released by Martin Brinkmann on August 16, 2018 in Internet – 104 commentsPale Moon 28.0.0 is the first version of version 28.x and as such a major upgrade from the previously used version 27.x which the team released in 2016.The new release is special for a number of reasons, one being that it is based on the Unified XUL Platform, a forked and modified version of the Mozilla Code Repository.It was not clear back in 2017 when the forking happened if Pale Moon would use the Unified XUL Platform or what the release would mean for the Basilisk Browser which the Pale Moon team released in 2017 as well as it used the Unified XUL Platform as well.As far as getting the new version is concerned. You can select Pale Moon > Help > About Pale Moon and click on “Check for Updates” to run a manual check in the browser. The new version should get picked up automatically so that Pale Moon is updated to it automatically. Downloads are also available on the official site for users who prefer it that way.Pale Moon 28.0Pale Moon 28.0 offers major under the hood improvements thanks to its new base:Significant JavaScript engine improvements such as support for “all landmark features from the ECMAScript standards” which should reduce JavaScript related rendering issues significantly.Update to the rendering and layout engine Goanna.Enhancements to the Document Object Model (DOM) with updated APIs.WebGL2 Support.Media enhancements, e.g. playback of FLAC audio or MSE media streaming.Refreshed Developer Tools.Probably more interesting to existing users of Pale Moon is whether the Pale Moon development team kept its promises in regards to support for features that Mozilla dropped in Firefox.Pale Moon 28.0 continues to support NPAPI plugins, complete themes and other interface customizations, classic XUL, bootstrapped and Jetpack extensions (legacy add-ons), and does not include DRM in the browser.Pale Moon 28 supports Windows 7 or newer versions on the Windows platform only officially. The new Pale Moon version should run on Windows Vista as well (but not on Windows XP) but the operating system is not supported officially anymore.The team’s primarily goal was to migrate Pale Moon to the new platform. Pale Moon 28.0 should work just like previous versions for the most part but there will be some changes, for instance to extensions support as some extensions may need modifications to work properly in the new version of the browser.Closing WordsPale Moon is one of the few browsers that still supports browser plugins. If you need to run Java in the browser, Pale Moon is one of the few options that you have to do so as major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge don’t support these plugins anymore.Pale Moon should work with many of the classic Firefox extensions as well. Some may not work properly on the other hand as the two platforms are not identical.Pale Moon is not my main browser but a quick test run showed that it worked fine on the sites that I tried it on. It would be great if existing Pale Moon users would share their experience in the comment section below.Generally speaking, Pale Moon users should experience fewer compatibility issues while using the new version of the browser. There may be regressions, however, but the team hopes to address those in future releases.Now You: What is your take on Pale Moon 28.0?SummaryArticle NamePale Moon 28.0 Major Update releasedDescriptionPale Moon 28.0.0 is the first version of version 28.x and as such a major upgrade from the previously used version 27.x which the team released in 2016.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img

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