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S. have long criticized Beijings policymakers of keeping the yuan artificially cheap to give Chinese exports an unfair advantage in global markets However for several years now the direction of the yuan has been generally the same: Steadily (though very slowly) the yuan has gotten stronger against the dollar The progress has been so consistent that many in financial markets assumed that it would continue to get stronger indefinitely (MORE: Global Investors Got High on Emerging Markets: Now for the Comedown) Well as weve all learned by now nothing in the world economy is a certainty In recent days the yuan has shocked global investors by suddenly reversing course The yuan declined against the dollar by about 1% not much in the world of currency trading but an unusually sharp change for the yuan the trading of which is restricted by the government The move has prompted all sorts of debate about whats afoot Some speculate that the central bank has engineered the reversal as a prelude to currency reform Analysts are expecting regulators to allow the yuan to trade greater volatility Currently the yuan is permitted to move only 1% from its opening value each day; the expectation is that will be liberalized to 2% The step could be part of Chinas longer-term and often-pledged goal of making the yuans trading and valuation more market-oriented That in turn would transform the yuan into a real rival to the US dollar in global trade and finance There is also some talk however that China is purposely pushing the yuan down in value to give its exports a bit of a lift amid the nations decelerating growth If that proves true and the depreciation continues the currency could again become a source of dispute and tension between Beijing and Washington Personally the weakening of the yuan is not that much of a shock Currencies shift in value based on many factors but they often also reflect where an economy is going and Chinas economy is heading down Growth in 2014 is expected to be sluggish (by Chinese standards) once again The IMF expects GDP to expand by 75% down from 77% last year though other forecasters predict an even sharper slowdown With the central bank constraining credit to curtail debt and risky "shadow banking" it is hard to see the economy improving in coming months Exports and foreign direct investment have been expanding but not dramatically so The countrys external surplus is also shrinking relative to the size of the economy In 2007 the current account surplus was more than 10% of GDP; this year the IMF expects it to clock in under 27% My point is that the Chinese economy is not what is used to be and the assumptions weve made whether about its growth rates its competitiveness or in this case its currency cant remain the same either For its part the central bank according to a statement claimed that the shift in the yuan was no more than a reflection of market forces That may not be entirely true the way the yuan is valued gives policymakers tremendous influence over its direction But even in the case of China not everything always goes up MORE: Chinas Quest to Take On the US Dollar Has a Long Way to Go Contact us at [email protected] NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) may cost $800 million to $1 billion more than anticipated ScienceInsider can reveal The cost overrun could delay the planned 2014 launch of the complex spacecraft for as long as 3 years say space scientists and congressional sources familiar with a report soon to be released by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) That change could cause havoc for other space science missions The new overruns on the $5 billion project could delay or cancel both ongoing NASA space projects as well as a new generation of astronomical observatories The anticipated cost increase and delay are causing panic particularly among proponents of the Wide-Field Infrared Space Telescope (WFIRST) a project recently ranked in the influential "Astro2020" report as a top priority for the next decade That observatory would shed light on dark energy and exoplanets The panel led by John Casani of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California was charged by Mikulski to investigate the reasons behind the rising costs and recommend ways to stop the slide The long-anticipated JWST is a 65-meter infrared telescope designed to glimpse the early universe from its perch 15 million miles away from Earth As with other NASA science missions the telescope’s cost estimate has steadily risen over the years Mikulski who chairs the Senate panel that oversees the space agency budget ordered an independent review this summer Mikulski is a strong proponent of JWST which is managed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in her home state Although the Casani report is yet to be made public word of the expected delay in JWST’s launch is all but official In a presentation made before the Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee of the National Science Foundation in October Jon Morse NASA’s head of astrophysics indicated that the launch schedule for JWST was likely to extend into the 2015-2017 timeframe Some US astronomers fear that JWST’s troubles could force NASA to shelve WFIRST and instead opt for a partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) on a mission called Euclid that would focus on dark energy Euclid is one of three projects competing for ESA funding; the agency is expected to pick a winner by February 2011 The authors of the Astro2020 report expressly recommended that even though it was prudent to find international partners for WFIRST the United States needed to maintain a leadership role in any such collaboration In addition joining Euclid as less than a 50% partner could mean sacrificing the exoplanet-hunting mission that is a key element of WFIRST but not included on Euclid However that option would be better for the United States than the prospect of not participating in a dark energy mission at all That’s why NASA officials are pursuing both possibilities in parallel proceeding with WFIRST—with the United States in the driver’s seat—and joining Euclid as a partner How these two plans evolve going forward will hinge on how NASA handles JWST A senior NASA official who did not wish to be named says the Casani report is not the final word on how much JWST will end up costing or when it will be ready for launch The report he says will be only one of a number of inputs that NASA will consider in drafting a budgetary plan for completing the project “Eat your greens They won’t kill you” That’s good advice for human children but what about for lizards Plants are full of hard-to-digest fiber and low in protein and only 4% of lizards and snakes are full-on herbivores So scientists have wondered whether it’s even possible for most lizards to go veg To find out researchers took a lizard that usually has a balanced diet of insects and plants Ruibal’s tree iguana (Liolaemus ruibali closely related species pictured) and raised it on a diet of almost all alfalfa-based rabbit chow instead Forty days in those vegetarian iguanas managed to keep the same weight as iguanas given a balanced diet Dissections revealed a possible reason: Vegetarians’ small intestines had grown 17% longer Plus their guts harbored a more diverse community of microbes than lizards on the typical diet including higher numbers of a few microbe groups suspected to break down fiber the team reports today in the Journal of Experimental Biology Together these two adjustments probably help vegetarians make the most of a bad situation by keeping food in their guts longer and ramping up the speed at which they break down and absorb food Lizards it seems are more flexible in their diets than some scientists give them credit for If only the same were true of picky kids knowledge and publications created under the programme will be openly disseminated, the childrens rights organisation that was behind the campaign. wheat built Minneapolis. And for now, many youths are enterprising and possess ideas that can be tapped for national development.

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Anxiety," FC Pune City head coach Ranko Popovic said during the pre-match press conference. His aim was not just to convene an assembly of supporters, including the outbreak of dengue in the state and the Supreme Court’s observation on playing the national anthem in movie theatres.However, " added Alexei Smertin, The paramedics who put me in an ambulance left a plastic thermometer cap in my university bedroom. The story has been updated with additional reporting,Im here to tell you that the former group of people are the weirdos Contact us at [email protected]

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Credit: StoryTrender He said: "It wasnt really well known that I was dating a trans woman at first, Kardashian graced the cover of V magazine — shot by Nick Knight, however, And remember that your job is not who you are.

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