12 Jan

Berbice security guards still seeking March, April salaries

first_imgGuards of the Integrated Security Service, a firm contracted to provide security to Government buildings in Berbice, are calling for the service to be replaced.The workers have shockingly revealed that some of them are yet to receive their March and April salaries, although the month of May is about to end.They revealed that one month after that firm took over the contract to provide security to Government buildings, many of them became unhappy with the firm’s performance. They were not paid in time for Christmas, and have had to wait two more months before they were paid again. To date, some of the guards are still querying their December, January and February salaries, which they claim were inaccurately computed.While some guards have been paid for the past two months, others continue to visit the office in New Amsterdam, Berbice on a weekly basis, seeking not only answers but payments which they should have received since March.Some of the affected guards told this publication that are afraid to appear in the media to address the issue, having seen the fate of some of their colleagues who did so in the past. Moreover, they have been told to go wherever they want to go to lodge their complaints.The guards say they now feel helpless, since they took their case to President David Granger on March 17, 2018 and scores of guards in both Regions Five and Six are still owed salaries for previous months’ work.Both the administrations of Regions Five and Six have officially distanced themselves from the plight confronting the guards, and each has claimed that it has paid the Integrated Security Service for services rendered.The firm has been blaming the supervisors for incorrect submissions of guards’ particulars, saying that ghost names, incorrect calculations and omissions have resulted in the delay and late payment ever since it was given the contract from December 1.The firm’s supervisory staff have denied these allegations, claiming they had supervised those same guards when they worked with another firm which had the same contract, and none of those allegations were ever made.Meanwhile, telephones continue to be disconnected, electricity wires continue to be severed from buildings, and landlords continue to issue notices for tenants to vacate their buildings as the guards wait for the salaries due them, and desperately hope that someone would do something to assist them.Banks and furniture stores are also issuing letters to the guards, many of whose situations are so dire they now have to borrow money from neighbours to travel to work.last_img read more

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17 Dec

Glen Newcomer, Sept. 11

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I still believe additional rain will benefit the soybean crop. The same holds true for the corn crop. We are, however, getting exceptionally dry. We had hit and miss rains last week but not enough to have an impact or make much of a yield difference. Lack of rain and an early frost are our two greatest concerns at this time.Most of the corn is still not black layered or fully matured. We need at least 100 growing degree units on the April-planted corn and probably an additional 300 or 350 growing degree units for the replant corn that was planted in early June. We absolutely do not want to have any type of frost on any of our crops for quite some time. Based on recent weather, we are only accumulating 10 to 15 growing degree units per day. At that rate we need several weeks of above normal temperatures before we can handle a frost in this part of the state. We have noticed some premature death in corn as a result of the dry weather, which could create standability or stalk issues in this crop.We’ll probably be shelling corn before we cut soybeans because of those issues. As a result of multiple stresses on this crop, I believe the overall corn plant health has been compromised.We have not found high populations of soybean aphids that other areas have experienced. Soybean leaf diseases are minimal. Some farmers are seeing sudden death syndrome and white mold in their soybeans. Looking forward, soybeans are just totally dependent on the amount of rain we receive between now and full maturity. With the cooler temperatures, it has definitely slowed down the progression of harvest. I do not anticipate harvesting any soybeans in September this year. We may shell some corn before we start on soybeans.Some of the initial tonnage reports from silage being made may indicate that the corn crop is better than we anticipate. Let’s hope so. This year all crops are going to be quite variable and unpredictable in yield.last_img read more

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